A compact, lightweight design with active cooling

The EOS R5 C is the most compact and lightweight Canon Cinema EOS camera, featuring an OLED viewfinder, bright articulating LCD screen and 13 user assignable buttons. A new active cooling fan enables long duration recording, while its tough magnesium alloy body ensures professional durability.

A compact, lightweight design with active cooling


Internal cooling system for long duration recording

The EOS R5 C implements an active cooling system that efficiently dissipates heat from the main body and makes long duration recording at 8K resolution up to 60P possible. Options for Always On and Automatic Fan Modes, allows users to minimise potential fan noise while recording.


Intuitive design with touch LCD and 13 assignable buttons

The EOS R5 C features a 0.5-inch high-resolution OLED viewfinder for accurate image analysis, a dot-matrix display for quickly checking camera settings / modes and a bright articulating 3.2-inch LCD monitor, for easy viewing from multiple angles during the day or night.

An extensive range of 13 assignable buttons and three digital dials are available within the EOS R5 C’s ultra-compact design. These features can be programmed via a new UI, to enable quick access to your favourite video / photo functions, such as Waveform Monitor, auto focus and high frame rate.


Compact, robust and lightweight

Weighing only 680 grams, the EOS R5 C is the most compact and lightweight Canon Cinema EOS camera, while retaining the same premium build quality and comfortable ergonomics featured in the EOS R5.

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