Warranty Information


For many Canon products, we offer voluntary Canon manufacturer’s commercial warranties, in addition to the statutory legal rights applicable to consumers. These Warranties are subject to full terms and conditions. Where applicable, the relevant warranty information is provided with your product or can be found via the applicable commercial warranty offering below. Warranty repairs will only be undertaken upon receipt of the applicable documentation required to validate warranty status, as outlined within the specific Canon commercial warranty terms and conditions which apply to your product.


Where you have purchased product(s) as a consumer you also benefit from statutory legal rights under European Union (EU) and/or your national law covering the sale of goods that are defective or do not conform to specifications. These rights (including the right to repair, replacement or refund of the price in certain situations) apply to all consumers, however, the duration varies depending on your country of purchase. These rights apply to all goods you purchase from the seller of the products, and you may enforce these rights against them, irrespective of whether or not your goods are covered by any of our Canon commercial warranties. Your legal rights are not affected by anything in these terms or in any other way. If you wish to invoke your legal rights, please contact your seller.

For more information on consumer rights, please contact a local consumer advisory service.

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