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Positive steps to digital transformation

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A new way of working

Digital transformation is being accelerated by the forced lockdown of COVID-19. While we expect restrictions to ease in the coming weeks, print businesses should reflect on how they can operate with ongoing disruption to working conditions.

Ecommerce plays a significant role in the ability to keep trading. As consumers, we’re used to shopping online so why should print be any different? Print businesses which have online ordering systems are finding it easier to maintain business continuity.

And those with higher levels of process automation will arguably find it easier to ‘return to normal’, particularly if the workforce is compromised by ongoing sickness, self-isolation absence or rolling lockdowns where businesses need to implement remote working or social distancing measures.

There are two key considerations for any print business right now: make ordering as simple as possible for your customers and make production as straightforward as possible for you.

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Making operations simple, seamless and smarter

Having a self-service web-to-print platform means customers can create and submit their own jobs for production. The great news is that this can be implemented remotely so you can get online in no time at all.

And automating your production line means you can benefit from faster turnaround times with minimal manual intervention. All workflow steps can be automated, including preflighting and printing.

Not only can you schedule production up to eight hours in advance, you can also remove any repetitive document make-ready tasks, including composition, media selection and image colour correction - and then save these settings for next time.

You can automate everything from job pricing, production management, online proofing and job status notifications. And clever workflow software can split jobs among your devices and automatically trigger inline finishing.

In an ideal world, the customer places an order and the only time the staff touch it is when they box it up for dispatch.

The next generation of print businesses

The full impact of COVID-19 is still unclear. Social distancing means business owners are having to manage unfamiliar day-to-day working practices, but these crisis measures are not for the long-term. That’s why it’s time to think smarter about your operations.

With an online shop, you’re accessible 24/7 so you have the opportunity to handle increased volumes and win more business. With workflow automation software you can have a single point of control to centrally – and remotely – manage production, receiving real-time notifications. And by doing so, you can free up time to focus on how print can add even more value to your customers’ business.

With a reliable and fully automated system in place your customers can place a print order easily and production, regardless of process, is virtually seamless from file receipt to delivery. Now’s the time to achieve positive business efficiencies through automation that will help you build a more resilient business for the long-term.

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