Instilling Confidence in Financial Markets with Canon

Raiffeisen Capital Management 1 needed to upgrade the quality and the quantity of their in-house production; Canon’s professional video solutions met their needs
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A small team with big content goals

For a three-person in-house team at a leading commercial and investment bank, creating approximately 140 videos per year is no mean feat.

To help manage this task, they wanted to invest in more professional and easy-to-use camera equipment. They turned to Canon to provide this solution, and the range of PTZ cameras more than met their needs.

Client: Raiffeisen Capital Management 1
Location: Austria


“The ability to match the same professional Canon quality in studio as well as outside was a key factor”

Trust starts with Canon

Raiffeisen Bank International is part of the Austrian banking group, Austria’s second largest asset manager.

Creating trustworthy content for their customers is key. “In the world of finance, our product is trust,” says Thomas Steiner, Video Producer at RCM.

Consumers consider trust when it comes to banking – and it all starts with content that conveys confidence.

Their marketing content consists of weekly market updates, product promotions like the launch of a new fund, and in-branch video shoots from banks across Austria.

With a small team that had a high demand for content, being both highly productive and efficient was the top priority.

The RCM production team put their trust in Canon Cameras to produce creative, high-quality, trustworthy content for the bank and their clients.


P-T-Z easy as 1-2-3

No one in Thomas’ team is a professional videographer, yet they deliver between 120 and 140 videos a year.

Therefore, it was essential to have a studio featuring intuitive and easy to operate products.

“It’s easy for anyone to learn how these cameras operate. Our student picked it up herself straight away.

“One day, she looked over my shoulder when I was using it, and she had never tried the PTZ camera before. ‘Just call me when you’re recording’ I said. I never got the call; it was that easy.”

It’s this kind of effortless usability that convinced Thomas that his team was more than capable to produce everything themselves: saving the need to spend budget on an agency for their specific needs.

“My favourite feature of the CR-N500 is the creamy Canon look, not a digital look”

Content you can rely on

Of course, producing quality content is just as important as quantity.

The CR-N500 PTZ camera makes this easier: it records high-quality 4K UHD footage, and the ease of use and portability means the team can utilise a three-camera set up at range of different angles to create a professional look and feel.

Thomas was also impressed with its reliable auto focus, because “if you don’t have auto focus, how are you going to film with one person and three cameras?”

When switching between pre-sets, they’re still able to have a smooth and precise control element on the PTZ cameras. Most of the time, they would much rather use the RC-IP100 controller without even turning on the PC, it really is that simple.

The Canon CR-N500 cameras have been “a game changer”, with his favourite feature of the CR-N500 being “the creamy Canon look, not a digital look.”


A sage investment

There is no doubt that the pandemic inspired Raiffeisen Capital Management 1 to improve their production capabilities.

“Everyone was using Zoom, Teams, and PowerPoint presentations online. So, we had to push further and upgrade our standards by making better, more entertaining videos.”

“It’s not just about information,” says Thomas, “it’s about the story.”

Like investing in financial markets, Raiffeisen Capital Management carefully considered the risk of spending their budget on the new Canon PTZ cameras.

Did it pay dividends? According to Thomas it “definitely paid off.”


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  1. Raiffeisen Capital Management stands for Raiffeisen Kapitalanlage-Gesellschaft m.b.H.