PTZ Controller

Canon RC-IP100

Pan, tilt and zoom effortlessly with this high-quality controller featuring a multi-function joystick and intuitive touchscreen for easy control of up to 100 cameras over IP.

  • Control up to 100 cameras remotely

    A multi camera set-up over IP is easy with the RC-IP100 and offers control of up to 100 PTZ units with just one operator and LAN cable, making remote production beautifully streamlined.

  • Manage and adjust with fingertip simplicity

    An intuitive 7-inch (17.78 cm) touch screen allows easy switching between cameras as well as quick management of focus settings, white balance, shutter speeds and much more.

  • Perfect precision with a multifunction joystick

    A multi-function joystick allows precise adjustment over camera movements and settings while a control grip on top of the stick allows zoom, focus and iris control.

  • Pinpoint zooming for the perfect shot

    A professional zoom rocker enables smooth and precise wide-to-tele adjustments and lets you zoom with the same high degree of control as seen on pro camcorders.

  • Assign and refine with custom controls

    With two user assignable buttons as well as two dedicated function buttons and customisable control knob on the joystick the user can optimise their setup for a wide range of shooting scenarios.

  • Manage up to 100 stored positions

    Appoint up to 100 pre-set angles per camera using the 7” touchscreen, and utilise the trace function to allow recording of up to ten different movements (pan, tilt, zoom) which can be reproduced at the touch of a button.

  • Flexible connectivity

    Equipped with Serial and LAN integration, control over IP based PTZ cameras is made easier and more intuitive, giving you greater freedom in controlling your setup.


New EOS C70 firmware

With the latest firmware for the EOS C70 and the newly developed Canon XC Protocol, you can now incorporate the EOS C70 into a remote controlled, multi-cam solution.


  • 7-inch touchscreen

    For easy switching between up to 100 cameras and settings

  • Multi-function joystick

    Precisely adjust camera movements

  • Professional zoom rocker

    For smooth and precise wide-to-tele adjustments

  • Customisable controls

    User assignable buttons and customisable control knob

  • Flexible connectivity

    Serial and LAN integration


What’s in the box

  • RC-IP100 Main Unit

  • Wire Clamp

  • Screw

  • AC Adapter

  • AC Cable

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