Customer Communications and Document Production Automation Solutions

Transform the way you produce and manage customer communications and data driven business-critical documentation, in multiple output channels.
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Canon’s Customer Communications and Document Production Automation Solutions

Enabling organisations to take control of their promotional and transactional communications and data-driven business critical document production through customer experience management, streamlining processes to improve collaboration and governance and making content and document production more efficient.
  • Customer Communications

    Deliver personalised multichannel communications to differentiate and provide an enhanced customer experience.

  • Document Production Automation

    Improve productivity and governance of data-driven communications and business critical documentation, whilst enabling digital transformation and reducing costs.

  • Document Composition and Delivery

    A cost-effective, secure solution to enable digital transformation and automation for statements, invoices, letters, invitations and forms.

Increase productivity and customer satisfaction with automated document workflows

Our cost-effective solutions empower businesses to achieve their business goals, from managing customer experience to streamlining processes, improving collaboration and governance and providing efficiencies in content and document production.
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Customer Communications

Enable an exceptional, personalised customer experience with rapid, consistent omnichannel customer communications. Accelerate time-to-market for messages and improve productivity for business users.

Document Production Automation

Streamline workflows and reduce manual processes with automatic detection and resolution of production errors, whilst enabling digital transformation and achieving a business cost reduction.

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Document Composition and Delivery

Produce and deliver personalised, easy-to-understand communications in multiple channels, enable digital transformation and business process automation for invoices, statements, letters and forms.

The benefits of Customer Communications and Document Production Automation

Our solutions help you optimise efficiency, ensure GDPR compliance and improve customer experience through a selection of enhanced capabilities.

  • Drive Productivity

    Bridge the gap between paper and digital documents, accelerating digital transformation and eliminating manual tasks through process automation of document production.

  • Reduce Costs

    Unlock operational cost savings by automating repetitive manual tasks with document creation and variable data production.

  • Enhance Customer Experience

    Differentiate through exceptional, personalised customer experience by delivering omnichannel communications and speed up time to market by automating customer journey management.

  • Effectively Manage Regulatory Information

    Ensure your communications are compliant thorough sharing, routing, approving and tracking documents and changes with a full audit trail, enabling control over your communications to mitigate risk.

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