Document Production Automation

Accelerate your digital transformation and streamline variable data workflows by automating and centralising the production of business-critical documents across multiple communication channels.
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Canon’s Document Production Automation

The biggest barrier to becoming an agile business is inefficiency. Document Production Automation improves efficiency when producing business-critical documents, by removing repetitive manual tasks and delivering transparency of processes and workflows, whilst enabling digital transformation and reducing costs.

The benefits of Document Production Automation

Our cost-effective solutions have been developed to help organisations become more agile through faster document composition, minimising errors and improving document management.

  • Increase Productivity

    Boost productivity by automating repetitive manual tasks, streamlining workflows and automatically detecting and resolving production errors. Centralise print output allowing business users to focus on core activities.

  • Legacy IT

    Canon workflow solutions overlay existing legacy IT so there’s no need to update systems, saving costs and avoiding disruption. Modify workflow processes easily to accommodate changes to IT infrastructure.

  • Enhance End User Experience

    Improve business collaboration by allowing users to update and amend multichannel documents without involving IT teams, through permission-based templates. Automated, secure processes are fast and efficient, speeding up time to market.

  • Effectively Manage Regulatory Information

    Ensure your business-critical documents are compliant thorough sharing, routing, approving and tracking document changes with a full audit trail, enabling control to mitigate risk.

  • “We’re now achieving both a much more effective production process and very high quality. We can provide a distinctive customer experience in terms of both logistics and content.”

    NHA prints educational material on demand, cutting costs and boosting flexibility

    NHA’s adoption of Document Production Automation resulted in increased productivity through document workflow automation, speeding up production times and moving to a print-on-demand solution for training materials, with errors corrected by automated workflow controls. No investments were required to update the legacy IT infrastructure and NHA achieved business cost reductions through increased operator productivity and by removing the additional cost to store training materials.

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