Canon Europe showcases new Optical Coherence Tomography software at AAD 2016

LONDON, 03 March, 2016 – Canon Europe, leader in imaging solutions, will be unveiling its new OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) Angiography software at the German ophthalmic congress, AAD 2016 (8 -12 March). This new software module will be a valuable addition to the existing Canon Ophthalmic Software Platform RX to help medical professionals more effectively diagnose retinal diseases by enabling them to visualise retinal blood vessels.

Thanks to this new software, blood vessel examination – angiography – can now be done without the injection of a contrast medium or the need for pupils to be dilated. This makes examinations far less intrusive for patients.

Peter Blonk, Head of Medical Imaging, Canon Europe, comments: “Canon has been at the forefront of innovation in ophthalmic diagnostic equipment design since 1976. Our motivation is to improve patient care and we are delighted to now introduce this new solution that will contribute to the early diagnosis of retinal diseases by eye care professionals.”

The new AX (Angio eXpert) software module, which is designed for use with the OCT-HS100, will provide detailed visualisation of the retinal blood vessels – due to unsurpassed 3 micrometres (μm) optical resolution. Extremely short scan times are possible with the new software, with each scan taking approximately three seconds. This not only makes examinations very patient friendly, but also results in a reduced risk of motion artefacts, which are blurred images caused by involuntary eye movement. The scan windows range from 3 X 3 to 8 x 8 mm.

The extensive AX software will allow practitioners to visualise the microvasculature in the retina and choroid in a very patient friendly and non-invasive way. Current OCT-HS100 users can also benefit from OCT- Angiography, by upgrading the software with the new AX module.

For further information about this new product, please visit Canon Europe at AAD 2016, at, Stand 239 (EyeTec) or go to: